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Republican Controlled House Passes Democrat Bill To “Avert” Fiscal Cliff, Loses All Dignity

January 2, 2013

It’s Official! Today, the House of Representatives passed the “Job Protection and Recession Prevention Act of 2012,” or “fiscal cliff” bill that the Senate passed last night at 1:58 a.m. ET. This shows how the Republicans in the House just voted away their dignity and everything for which they stand.

Speaker of the House John Boehner

First, let’s just talk about the bill. It lets the tax rate expire for those making more than$450,000.That goes against every Republican demand and the Republican tax pledge. The pledge says that a Republican will never, ever vote raise taxes on anyone, period.  The bill also fails to cut spending, at all!  It only delays for two months the across-the-board spending cuts which will come from defense and domestic programs.

The bill is a complete list of Democrat demands. There is nothing in the bill that is supported by Republicans. The only thing that Republicans supported and that was also in the bill was the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle class (something which both sides already agreed on). As a result, this bill fails to meet any Republican requirements. Yet, it passed.

Here are a few bits that don’t fit, but I think you should know:

1. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the “fiscal cliff” bill will  actually end up adding $4 trillion over a decade to federal deficits. Does that seem like a Republican sensible solution? No.

2. If you were wondering why a spending bill originated in the Senate and not the House, @Brithume was your answer:

3. Breaking with Rep. Boehner, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) voted “no” on the bill. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), however, voted “yea.” @EWErickson has this to say:

4. Here is a list of the House Republicans who voted for the bill:

View this document on Scribd

Now, at this point, there are a few things I want to hit:

The first is the fact that the GOP caved, again. The Republicans have been caving when it comes to any crisis lately. Whenever faced with a crisis, the Republicans cave. During their campaigns, they campaign on going to Washington to deal with the tough issues. Where was that tonight? Where was the new, strong GOP that I asked for in this letter? They are nowhere to be found. Republicans talk a good game, but when it comes to voting, they cave every time. They cave because they are either spineless or on some level don’t believe their own ideology. Had the Republicans grown a backbone tonight and voted “no”, they could have molded it into a better piece of legislation or made a whole new one. However, they didn’t. They lied down like peasants before a king to do the king’s wish. They have become the party of caving.

That begs the question, “What is the difference between Republicans and Democrats?” Historically, you always knew that a Republican would never, ever vote to raise your taxes. Ever! Now, they have broken that pledge. They have violated the one true identifier of the party. And if Republicans are willing to cave to a strictly Democrat bill now, what will they cave on later? Are the Republicans bent to continue caving whenever faced with adversity? Is that the future of the GOP? It might as well be! There is not a difference now. Republicans tonight went down and passed a bill that was top to bottom Democrat engineered. The Republicans that voted for this bill voted for a piece of Democrat legislation, and if you vote like a Democrat, you might be a Democrat. In fact, people should see to it that every person that voted for this bill is primaried and not elected to another term in office. Don’t have an (R) by the end of your name if you can’t honor the one basic thing that the (R) stands for: not raising taxes, period.

The fact is that with this vote, the Republicans have made sure there is no difference in the two parties in Washington. To a voter, the Republicans have just aligned themselves with the Democrats.  I guess we do only have one party ruling in Washington. Also if a voter thinks that the Republicans are really just the Democrats in disguise, doesn’t that mean our chances of winning back the Senate in 2014 just dropped to about zero? It’s rhetorical. Of course, it’s going to severely hurt our chances in 2014. It will also hurt us in 2016. This vote will have lasting effects for the party.

This bill also falls on the fact that Boehner has failed as Speaker of the House. He has not adequately negotiated with this bill.  In fact, there wasn’t ANY negotiating with this bill. The Senate sent the House the list of everything the Democrats wanted, and the House passed it. The House didn’t even try to amend the bill. They negotiated nothing. It’s time for weepy John Boehner to go. However if the Republicans stay on their current path, they won’t have the backbone to oust Boehner come the vote on his speakership because, once again, they are spineless, and they don’t want to upset anyone.

The vote tonight gave the President and Democrats the okay to continue their spending rampage. The Democrats are spending one trillion dollars every year. With the passage of this bill, the Democrats will get the idea that we will allow them to get away with whatever extremely excessive amount of money they want to spend. We just sent the message to the Democrats that we are spineless and will bend to do whatever they want.

Imagine the cost on the future generations of America.  Like I said before, this bill tells to Democrats to just keep on going with their spending (without a budget for the last four years!). If they continue their spending rampage, where will that leave us as a nation? By 2016, what does that put our debt? 20 trillion dollars? Doesn’t that seem, I don’t know, incredibly insane? It does to me, and House Republicans just gave Democrats the thumbs up to keep going. This debt will come down on your children, their children, and their children. This is going to be a multi-generational debt, and House Republicans just gave Democrats the okay to do it.

Also, there won’t be ANY spending cuts in the bill. The automatic spending cuts are being delayed for two months. However, the Democrats will no doubt try to take that time to make sure they don’t happen. As I said, one of the things Republicans had to get out of this debate was spending cuts. They got none. They have failed.

I want to talk about Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan voted IN FAVOR of the bill. I once again agree with @EWErickson in saying, “Thus ends the Paul Ryan 2016 Presidential Exploratory Committee”.

Due to what I have listed before, it is a tragedy to learn that Paul Ryan voted for the bill. I’ll be honest. I liked Paul Ryan a great deal. However, he just gave Democrats the thumbs up in saying that they can continue on their spending rampage. That is unacceptable. Sorry Paul, but Paul Ryan is out for me in the 2016 race.

After all the doom and gloom speak I have given, it’s time for some things we can do. The first thing we can do is call up every person who voted for this bill and give them an earful. I can guarantee that Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is going to get many a call from me because he voted for the bill, and he is my Senator. We can call every single person who voted for this bill and inform them that they are essentially morons. If you are really ticked off, as I am, you can see to it that your representative is replaced by someone else during the primary. That is what I meant when you “primary” someone. You make sure that they are not the Republican candidate.  Second, we can also hold the Republicans feet to the fire. We can call in every time there is an issue coming up in Washington. You don’t let them get away with this. You hold their feet to the fire, and if they still don’t listen, replace them with someone who will. The race for 2014 and 2016 starts now. Votes like these aren’t helping. Only you and I can help our party. The battle starts now. Go.

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