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Fiscal Cliff: The Last Stand

January 1, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

As you may know, last night, January 1st 2013, the Senate passed a bill which “averts” the Fiscal Cliff. However, the bill goes against everything Republicans have been asking for. It raises taxes on those making $450,000 or more. It also delays ANY spending cuts for two months. The bill is exactly what the Democrats wanted and barely anything the Republicans wanted.

Today, the House will meet. It is expected that they will vote on the measure. That is why this article is being written. This is going to be more of a letter to House Republicans.

Dear House Republicans,

You are the final stand. Today, Harry Reid and the Democrats passed a measure which goes against what Republicans want and need to get out of this debate.  Your Republican counterparts in the Senate have failed you. They have voted for a measure which was in essence a completely Democrat favored bill. The only thing it contains upon which both sides agree is the continuation of the current tax rate for the middle class.

However, the majority of the bill does not stand with Republican ideals. It delays spending cuts for two months, and it lets taxes go up on people making $450,000 or more. The bill is not a Republican bill. It is a completely Democrat bill. That is why I am asking you to vote “no” on this bill.

You may feel as though you must vote “yes” because the Democrats finally sent you a bill on which to vote. However, what about all the bills you sent  to the Senate? What about the countless bills you have sent the Senate that STILL haven’t been acted on? If you’re feeling pushed into voting “yes” simply because a bill came to you from the Senate, wouldn’t you think the Senate would feel the same? However, they don’t. The Senate hasn’t voted on many of the bills that you have sent it, and they have voted on none of the Fiscal Cliff bills you sent them. They haven’t passed a budget in four years even though you sent them a budget. So please, just because the Senate sent you a bill, doesn’t mean you have to vote “yes” on it.

You may also want to vote “yes” because it’s the only plan from Democrats so far. However, why would you jump at the first thing you get? Just because they sent you a bill doesn’t mean you have to vote “yes”. You have sent bill after bill to the Senate, and they have done nothing. You sent them many bills to avert this cliff. They voted on none of them. You took the initiative. You passed the bills first. The Senate has done nothing. You have no reason to vote ‘yes” on this bill.

You may want to vote for the bill because the media will push you into voting “yes”, but that doesn’t mean that you should.  The media has never and will never be on our side. The media will most likely go out and say “Senate passes Fiscal Cliff deal, but will the House pass it too?”. The media will try to make it look like you’ve done nothing, and that the Democrats were the first side to send any bills. In fact, you sent the Senate plenty of bills to avert this thing  before today. You don’t have to be bullied into voting “yes”.

Democrats have always use bully tactics. Today, they are probably going to use the media and the White House to perpetuate the lie that the Senate was first to create a Fiscal Cliff proposal. They weren’t. You were. Don’t be bullied into voting “yes” on this bill.

However, I haven’t mentioned why you shouldn’t vote for it as a Republican. This bill is not a Republican friendly bill. When you assumed office, you took a pledge to never raise taxes, ever. In fact, it is the one thing that can ALWAYS be the identifying factor of the Republican party. If you vote for a Republican, you know they will never, ever vote to raise your taxes. So, if you vote yes on this bill, you are breaking the pledge that you made to the people who elected you. Also, the one thing that Republicans keep asking for are some spending cuts. This bill doesn’t do that. It simply postpones cuts for two months probably in hopes that Democrats can stop those cuts from happening.  The simple fact is that this bill isn’t a Republican friendly bill, and it goes against what we stand for. We said that after November 6th we needed to have some serious changes to the party. This is the time. This is the time to stand up for no new taxes and to stand up to voice the need for spending cuts. It is your time to take charge of your party and vote “no” on this bill.

I’m not sure what Speaker Boehner’s opinion on this bill will be. He already tried “Plan B”, but he knew he did not have enough votes so he pulled the bill. Now, if he thinks that the House should pass this bill from the Senate, you will have to disagree with him. That might be hard. However, you know that what you are doing is the correct thing for you, your party, and your country. You will have to go against the Speaker if he says you should pass the bill. However,  it is my hope that you stay true to your pledge and vote “no”.

I am so adamant about this issue because I am a 15-year-old American. I will be the bearer of the debt that we are creating. I will be part of the generation that has to pay off the 16.4 trillion dollar debt that we have.  Yet, that debt is growing by the second. We are becoming more and more in debt. This is not just an issue for Washington today. It’s an issue for our nation for generations. This debt will be carried on by my generation, my children, my children’s children, and their children’s children.  This is a debt that we’re getting stuck with for generations. We are also faced with an out of control ballooning Federal Government. However, there are no spending cuts in this bill to deal with that either. The fact is that all the bad things happening in Washington now are coming down on me and my children. I ask you to vote “no” on this bill and work for no new taxes, smaller government, and solutions to the problems we face.

You are the last stand. You are the final battle in this Fiscal Cliff debate. Unless you make any changes to the bill, it will be, if you pass it, sent straight to the President and be enacted into law. You are the last chance to stop taxes going up because of this debate. You are the last battle. You have to be the new Republican Party. We said that after November 6th we were going to need to change our Party. Today is the day to start. Today is the day to stand up for the pledge you made. Today is the day to stand up for your beliefs. Today is the day to not get bullied into voting “yes” on a bill on which you know you should vote “no”. As I said before, you are the final stand. You must stand up for what you know is right, no matter what the media says, or what the president says, or what Democrats say, or anyone. You should listen to what you know is right and what you made a pledge to do. Today is the day to stand strong and vote “no” on this bill. You can do it. The only thing you have to do is vote but one time.

You are the last battle. You are the last chance. You are the final stand. Please, make your decision wisely.


David Bader

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